The Blackwell Guide to Metaphysics

  • 책제목: The Blackwell Guide to Metaphysics
  • 펴낸곳: Blackwell Publishers
  • 출판연도: 2002
  • Contents
  • Preface.
  1. Physics, Metaphysics, and Method in Newton’s Dynamics: Lawrence Sklar.
  2. Causation: Wesley Salmon.
  3. What Events Are: Jonathan Bennett.
  4. Time, Temporality and Paradox, Richard M. Gale.
  5. A Thomist Metaphysics: John Haldane.
  6. The Concept of Ontological Catergory: a New Approach: Lorenz Puntel.
  7. Universals and Predication: Bruce Aune.
  8. Composition as a Fiction: Gideon Rosen and Cian Dorr.
  9. What Do We Refer To When We Say ‘I’? Peter van Inwagen.
  10. Personal Identity: The Non-Branching Form of ‘What Matters’: Jennifer E. Whiting.
  11. Idealism: T.L.S. Sprigge.
  12. An Idealistic Realism: Presuppositional Realism and Justifcatory Idealism: Nichlas Rescher.
  13. Overcoming a Dualism of Concepts and Causes: The Basic Argument of ‘Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind’: Robert Brandom.
  14. Metaphysical Realism and Logical Nonrealism: Panayot Butchvarov.
  15. The Metaphysics of Possibilia: William Lycan.
  16. The Actual and the Possible: Alexander Pruss.

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