Epistemology: An Anthology, 2nd Edition

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Part I: Skepticism:.


1. The Problem of the External World: Barry Stroud.

2. Proof of an External World: G. E. Moore.

3. Four Forms of Scepticism: G. E. Moore.

4. Certainty: G. E. Moore.

5. How a Pyrrhonian Skeptic Might Respond to Academic Skepticism: Peter Klein.

6. Epistemological Realism: Michael Williams.

Part II: The Structure of Knowledge and Justification:.


7. The Myth of the Given: Roderick M. Chisholm.

8. Does Empirical Knowledge Have a Foundation?: Wilfrid Sellars.

9. Epistemic Principles: Wilfrid Sellars.

10. Can Empirical Knowledge Have a Foundation?: Laurence BonJour.

11. A Coherence Theory of Truth and Knowledge: Donald Davidson.

12. A Foundherentist Theory of Empirical Justification: Susan Haack.

13. The Raft and the Pyramid: Ernest Sosa.

14. Human Knowledge and the Infinite Regress of Reasons: Peter Klein.

Part III: Defining Knowledge:.


15. Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?: Edmund Gettier.

16. Thought, Selections: Gilbert Harman.

17. The Inescapability of Gettier Problems: Linda Zagzebski.

18. A State of Mind: Timothy Williamson.

Part IV: Epistemic Closure:.


19. Epistemic Operators: Fred Dretske.

20. Relevant Alternatives and Deductive Closure: Gail Stine.

21. Knowledge and Skepticism: Robert Nozick.

22. How to Defeat Opposition to Moore: Ernest Sosa.

23. Are There Counterexamples to the Closure Principle?: Jonathan Vogel.

Part V: Theories of Epistemic Justification:.


24. Evidentialism: Richard Feldman and Earl Conee.

25. Skepticism and Rationality: Richard Foley.

26. What is Justified Belief?: Alvin I. Goldman.

27. Reliabilism Leveled: Jonathan Vogel.

28. Externalist Theories of Justification: Laurence BonJour.

29. Internalism Exposed: Alvin Goldman.

30. Externalism and Skepticism: Richard Fumerton.

31. Internalism Defended: Richard Feldman and Earl Conee.

Part VI: Virtue Epistemology and the Value of Knowledge:.


32. Warrant: A First Approximation: Alvin Plantinga.

33. Virtues of the Mind, Selections: Linda Zagzebski.

34. Virtues and Vices of Virtue Epistemology: John Greco.

35. Cognitive Responsibility and the Epistemic Virtues: Duncan Pritchard.

36. The Place of Truth in Epistemology: Ernest Sosa.

37. Why Should Enquiring Minds Want to Know? Meno Problems and Epistemological Axiology: Jonathan L. Kvanvig.

38. True Enough: Catherine Z. Elgin.

Part VII: Naturalized Epistemology and the A Priori:.


39. Epistemology Naturalized: W. V. Quine.

40. What is “Naturalized Epistemology”?: Jaegwon Kim.

41. Quine as Feminist: the Radical Import of Naturalized Epistemology: Louise M. Antony.

42. There is at Least One A Priori Truth: Hilary Putnam.

43. Revisability, Reliabilism, and A Priori Knowledge: Albert Casullo.

44. A Priori Knowledge and the Scope of Philosophy: George Bealer.

45. Normativity and Epistemic Intuitions: Jonathan M. Weinberg, Shaun Nichols, and Stephen Stich.

46. Normativity and Natural Knowledge: Hilary Kornblith.

Part VIII: Knowledge and the Pragmatic:.


47. Solving the Skeptical Problem: Keith DeRose.

48. Elusive Knowledge: David Lewis.

49. Contextualist Solutions to Epistemological Problems: Scepticism, Gettier, and the Lottery: Stewart Cohen.

50. Knowledge and Practical Interest, Selections: Jason Stanley.

51. Evidence, Pragmatics, and Justification: Jeremy Fantl and Matthew McGrath.

52. Sensitive Moderate Invariantism: John Hawthorne.

53. The Assessment-Sensitivity of Knowledge Attributions: John MacFarlane.

Part IX: Testimony, Memory, and Perception:.


54. Trust and Rationality: Judith Baker.

55. Against Gullibility: Elizabeth Fricker.

56. Content Preservation: Tyler Burge.

57. Testimonial Knowledge and Transmission: Jennifer Lackey.

58. The Problem of Memory Knowledge: Michael Huemer.

59. Criteria, Defeasibility, and Knowledge: John McDowell.

60. Knowing How to Believe With Justification” Steven L. Reynolds.


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